Caloncho said it best: One can have it all at El Ganzo.

Caloncho played last weekend at El Ganzo and it was a major hit!

The tickets sold out hours after they started selling and it was definitely what one can call “an A+ full house” that Saturday night.
People loved it.
He loved playing for them too.

Let me tell you a bit about him,
Caloncho was born in Ciudad Obregón, but like many other talented musicians he moved to Guadalajara and He’s now a Tapatío at heart.


He was nominated with a Latin Grammy for best new artist and also nominated for best new alternative album – with his first album – “Fruta”(2014).

His first encounter with music was as he recalls it,
“While his father whom use to “make up” songs for his kids, invited them “to make them happen” as a way of spending time together as a family.”

He played drums for many years but after a while he decided to grab a guitar that his grandfather had given him many years ago, and started learning and playing his favorite songs.


His first album, “Fruta” came out in September of 2013 and it sounds like everything – he had listened and filtered – since he was a kid.
He experimented with various organic sounds and other objects that are not considered music instruments, such as water, fruit, seeds and lighters…
He claims that those experiments gave life to Caloncho.

At first he started sharing his music only among his friends, then he began to play more and more, until he got a better idea of what he wanted.
His influences are old rock and pop, he loves the Beatles.
His inspiration comes mostly from feelings of fraternal love and passionate interactions.


We talked to Caloncho about his experience at El Ganzo and he told us that it was simply incredible,

“The food is amazing,
The beach is right there,
The roof top pool there,
Everything we needed was there,
I had a great room,
The recording studio is amazing,
Mark is amazing,
It was a great experience thanks to the music and the people”


He said that the people at El Ganzo spoiled them rotten and that service is impeccable…

But the main event was playing at El Ganzo… after experiencing such hospitality Caloncho felt that playing his music was the only way to say thanks to all the people.

Everyone who came to listen to Caloncho was into his music.
Playing in that roof-top is totally different from any other venues, it’s all very laid back and relaxed


Caloncho said it like this,
“I think that El Ganzo it’s a great idea of a place,
It’s a fantastic idea to exchange a residency that inspires an artist and leave something of one self behind
It’s admirable!
I would love to go back and I am very grateful, I made a really good progress with the material for my next album.”


During the mornings he would wake up to compose.
Later he would go to the beach,
And afterwards head into the studio.
El Ganzo opened Caloncho’s mind, he had a lot of clarity in his ideas.
It’s a space that combines all the elements one needs in order to “create”

What are you waiting for?
Come and experience the best hospitality,
Eat the best food,
Let yourself be taken afar by these dreamy surroundings,
Enjoy the art,
And listen to the music,

It is here for you,
All of it,
At El Ganzo.