Here comes la PLAGA… Jimo at EL GANZO.

Jimena Montemayor, also known as Jimo, is a graphic artist and illustrator.

She was born in Mexico City but completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in Graphic Design and Visual Journalism and now is currently based in Miami and moving around the world.

Jimo is a highly energetic and creative mind and she’s also – proudly – part of our Artists-in-residence roaster. She recently came back to El Ganzo to give maintenance to her work (from the PLAGAS series) and to work on a couple of new interventions.

Jimo decided at a very young age that she wanted to be an artist.
And at 26, she’s quite a very young artist too,

“It was the moment when I found out that I was able to create something”

Learning to draw and to do crafts with her hands.
That was it, because she realized that while giving birth to something, she found her happiness and passion.

Jimo believes inspiration comes from diverse places. For her it’s mostly about the beauty that surrounds her – her attention usually gets caught with bright colors and the right light.
It’s also caught by abstract figures and forms that she finds in nature, architecture, everyday objects and even fashion.
She reads, absorbs and interprets all of these forms and turns them into her own language

Her influences are plenty,
Artists, writers, musicians, architects, fashion designers, photographers, film directors, cities, loved ones…
Her favorite artists,
Chucho Reyes, Matisse, Basquiat, Luis Barragán, David Hockney, Baldessari, Man Ray, Frank Stella, Richard Serra, Donald Judd and Sol Lewitt.

Jimo talked to us about the usage of the word “artist”
She believes that anyone who’s truly dedicated, works hard and does “his thing” – with love and talent – deserves to be called an artist.
But it’s the art world that recognizes such artists and allows them to have a direct relationship with the audiences – thus deciding which artist is worthy and who isn’t. It positions artists in the world of critiques and approval while they’re trying to express themselves.

Being an artist means carrying that weight and responsibility – of giving life – to the world of ideas and life’s interpretation,

“We are lucky that we can show our thinking via our art…”

Jimo loves El Ganzo (as much as we love her) because she believes the space has a privileged aesthetic and magic – which allows one’s imagination to run free – especially when it comes to creating art.

She said that the whole staff was friendly and serviceable – making her stay an absolute luxury.

“The combination of working in paradise – literally – doing what you are most passionate about it’s simply exceptional”

This is the second time Jimo brings her colorful PLAGAS into the house, but this time she modified the technique; she painted them instead of using tape.
This process was longer and more demanding to produce, but it also felt more personal.
She was happy with the results.

She enjoyed being able to free her mind, express her ideas – visions and feelings – through visual elements.

“It’s almost like personal therapy”

The thing Jimo enjoyed the most out of her stay at El Ganzo was her bedroom and watching the sunsets every afternoon after her work-day was over.

It seems like a nice work-plan to emulate.

Don’t you think?
Jimo’s line digital prints and hand drawn pieces, PLAGA installations, and mixed media work has been published and exhibited in numerous magazines, art platforms and art shows including The Wild Magazine, Cream Magazine, Allure, CMYK, Horst und Edeltraut, FAD México, Brickell Magazine, Miami Art Basel’13 and other individual and collaborative shows in Miami, New York and Mexico City.