Women’s Day Everyday.

I believe Women’s International day as being mostly a-365-days-of-the-year celebration.

Because each and everyday, countless women among the globe wake up and hit the floor with cause and intention.

We are hard workers, mothers, friends, daughters, neighbors, fighters, peacemakers, colleagues, companions, warriors, bosses, employees, business owners,

We are everything a man can be,

And we’re also everything in between.

The United Nations defines the International Women’s Day as a day to commemorate and recognize womens fights and achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. The women’s movement has been strengthened by four global United Nations women’s conferences that have helped build support for women’s rights and participation in the political and economic arenas.

But to me Women’s day is better defined -when I witness the great power of all of us – sticking together.

It is imperative to look for one another, to have our backs and continue fighting inequality and women’s violence – for us – and for our daughters.

It is also imperative to spend time with your girlfriends and have a good laugh. This sounds quite superficial but it may guarantee the best medicine for our everyday hassles as women – living in a world full of men – and trying the best as we can, to surf through life.

Last night I proved my point again.

I’ve made new friends in my exercise class.

This is important to mention because although I have my lifetime friends and my friends from college, friends from diverse workplaces, and from life…

This bunch I met,

  1. At a more mature age
  2. Wearing no makeup and sweats

Our group is made up of a bunch of funny gals that make their mornings better just by showing up with moody-I-just-woke-up-faces and our daily confrontations with life.

It is a sacred space,

With these girls there is no place for pretending, for trying to look better,

We show up just like we are,

And it’s so relaxing and refreshing.

Some of us are mothers,

Some aren’t.

Some of us have partners,

Some don’t.

Some of them have successful marriages,

Others are struggling,

Others just don’t.

All of them are successful women.


Divorces, separations, broken hearts, kids in therapy, school search, life issues, anxiety, neurosis, horrible bosses, horrible work, horrible businesses… challenges, triumphs, losses, laughter and tears, among many others.

We can face all of it.

Last night we had an amazing time just laughing and tossing around our issues on the table – trying to help each other – figure it all out.

We brainstormed together for a better life.

How cool is that?

The power of women together is a force that can build walls.

Walls to protect each other from gender inequality, from abuse, from sadness.

Women together can handle the world.

So we should stick together today, tomorrow and always.

This year the first march of A Day without a woman will take place in several cities around USA,

 I won’t be marching here in Mexico,

But I am with all of you.

There is no such thing as a day without women,

It would be impossible to bear.