El Ganzo is an invitation for the irreverent, the artist, musician,the filmmaker, the rebellious and explorers. While El Ganzo is a unique, distinctive place to stay, it’s far more than a hotel: it is a headspace. There is a soul, a vibe that inspires all who stay here. Part hangout, part hipster hacienda, El Ganzo is not the scripted hotel experience. It’s an experiential trip unto itself. As the Pixies once sang, “This monkey’s gone to Heaven.” – Santiago Sánchez Navarro

“The life of Pablo” by Street Art Chilango its the latest commissioned art project at El Ganzo – and it’s a very special one – because it pays homage to the late Hotel’s creator, Pablo Sanchez Navarro.
Pablo is no longer with us, but his spirit remains in each wall and corner of his marvelous and inspiring location in the heart of La Playita, in San José del Cabo.

One of Pablo’s last art-requests was bringing Street Art Chilango for another residence, in order to paint El Ganzo’s facade. After having worked with them since the beginning of his hotel project, they earned his trust so much so that he didn’t care much what the new subject was; as long as it was made under Jenaro’s Art direction. There was a deep respect and bond between the two parts.

For those who never met Pablo this is what you should know, he was an intellectual, he knew about philosophy, history, world politics, economics… and he was also a highly creative mind.
He had dark and unique sense of humor and all his favorite childhood characters are present in the walls of El Ganzo.

Jenaro and Alex are the creative pair behind Street Art Chilango. They founded the company on 2013 and nowadays are then most important street-art organization in Mexico. They specialize on painting murals with their in-house team conformed by several graffiti artists who follow their lead from the client’s idea and a previously approved sketch done by the Art Directors.

“The life of Pablo” took its name from Kanye West’s record title, due to an anecdote that happened during the time of the record’s release, which was Pablo giving thanks to Kanye – on his personal FB page – for having thought of him with his musical creation.

Street Art Chilango’s latest work was conceived thinking about “our own Pablo” and his fantastic personal world. They selected the characters with him in mind.
The Road-runner and Willy Wonka where his most favorite.

But our favorite character is Pablo himself, this is an absolutely perfect portrait of him, creating and imagining El Ganzo, barefoot with his glasses and headphones on – in his own world – the world of Pablo.

El Ganzo is the legacy of Pablo’s world.
His vision.
His idea.
He created it out of nothing.
And he believed that dreams could come true.

He was right.
And he will be missed.